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Agua Fresca YOUTH Entry (team)

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16 years and under + 1 Adult Chaperone


Our First Annual Multi-Species Freshwater Fly Fishing Tournament, the AGUA FRESCA! 

Mark your calendars and find yourself a partner. This tournament is built for a team of 2, and will be scored by video capture by species (size matters only for a tie-breaker). All youth teams must have a chaperone present.

In order to adhere to current social distancing standards, no in-person scoring will be taking place. We'll send you your swag bag in the mail, or you can stop by the shop and pick it up. (Youth Team SWAG bags will be shipped for free.)

All scoring will be done remotely, in real time (as much as possible!). You'll need to download an app to your phone, and upload all content there. Don't worry - we'll make sure you know EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it - quickly! We'll walk you through the process as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the platform. 

  • Any Public Waterway in Texas is open for anglers to fish (wade, kayak, SUP, motor boat, guide boat)
  • 2 Person Teams to Catch. Video. Release. Fish from a list where different species are worth points. (Its not about the biggest fish. its about how many different species you can catch)
  • 30 adult teams, 12 youth teams (16 & under)
  • Side Team Video Challenges (ie: Dawn Patrol, Wildlife Encounter, Fish Release, Go Gruene) are also worth points on the scorecard, and the Best of each Challenge will get a side prize sponsored by a supporting brand.
  • Anglers have TWO days to fill their score card